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18-7-10 Nursery Evergreens PC 90% CRN

SKU: TL07127673

A full analysis 3:1:2 ratio of nitrogen, phosphate and potash along with a full complement of secondary nutrients including magnesium, sulphur, iron and a full micronutrient package. Contains 90% controlled-release nitrogen from Methylene 75, UMAXX and stabilized nitrogen sources. Stabilized nitrogen minimizes urea volatilization in hot weather and nitrate leaching in groundwater. The addition of Methylene 75 also provides long-term availability of nitrogen to field-grown nursery plants. The addition of magnesium and iron contributes to chlorophyll production,  providing deep green colour in broadleaf and evergreen plants. Additional secondary nutrients supplied play important roles in photosynthesis, protein synthesis and overall plant growth. A high slow-release fertilizer designed to be used in summer months and dormant winter applications. Not for use in containers.

  • About RichGROW

    RichGROW is a TerraLink brand for professional growers. The highly specialized blends sold under the RichGROW brand have been designed for the most demanding applications and are a favourite of professional growers in turf and greenhouse applications.

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