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21-4-10 Organic Base

SKU: TL07128463

21-4-10 "Organic Base" is a standard-sized (240 SGN) blended fertilizer with slow release nitrogen. This premium-grade fertilizer is designed for use on golf courses fairways/roughs, sports fields and residential lawns and is typically used in the late summer months and into the fall. 21-4-10 can be used as a dormant winter feed. It contains 54% controlled release nitrogen (CRN) from stabilized nitrogen and organic sources. CRN minimizes surge growth and prolongs green-up response for up to 10 weeks. CRN also reduces the incidence of nitrogen loss to the atmosphere via volatilization and nitrate leaching into groundwater. 21-4-10 works well in soils that have a high cation exchange capacity (CEC) like clay soils. This fertilizer contains organic-based ingredients that build CEC of soils and provide a carbon source for beneficial bacteria and fungi. It also contains iron (Fe) and sulphur (S) as an added benefit.

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