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Polymer Ag

Antistress 550

SKU: TL03580755

Anti-Stress 550 is a blend of non-toxic, water soluble polymers that can minimize the damage of climate related stress. Applied as a biodegradable foliar spray, Anti-Stress 550 provides a unique semi-permeable membrane on the leaf surface.

  • Increased moisture retention in the plant tissue.
  • Barrier against scarring and ice marking on fruit.
  • Improves tolerance to frost and freeze by 4°- 6°F.
  • Reduction in water usage.
  • Reduction of sunburn damage to foliage and young fruit.
  • Increased yields and plant quality.


  • Water & Drought Stress
  • Frost & Freeze
  • Heat & Sunburn
  • Drying Winds (hot or cold)
  • Rapid Temperature Variations
  • Transplant Shock

For a full list of crops and application directions, refer to the product label. Always read and follow label directions.


  • About Polymer Ag

    Polymer Ag is the world leader in polymers for use on growing plants during periods of climate-related stress. Anti-Stress products are sold throughout the world and are instrumental in helping farmers, nurseries, landscapers, horticulturists and gardeners across the globe increase production and plant health, while reducing water use.

  • Please Note:

    Regulations prohibit sale of pest control products outside Canada. For more information about pest control product regulations within Canada, please refer to this summary.