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Bio Dicyphus


Dicyphus is a predatory bug and generalist that is primarily used to control whiteflies, but can also feed on mites, thrips, and moth eggs. It should be noted that Dicyphus are omnivorous, and require plants to complete their lifecycle. If pest populations are low they may feed on plants to the point of damage, or target other beneficial insects. It is recommended for hot spot management, and that supplementary food such as Artemia be provided.


Whiteflies, mites, thrips

  • About BioBee

    BioBee is a leader in production and implementation of beneficial macro-organisms in agriculture. They research and identify new microbial biocontrol agents for reinforcement of the existing natural enemies’ package to constantly develop new and innovative products.

  • Why Use Biologicals?

    One of the primary benefits of using beneficial insect release is that the process avoids chemical pest control methods such as pesticides. While pesticides are effective at controlling and eliminating pests, some plants and beneficial insects like bees can be affected negatively. Beneficial insects are a natural, organic, and environmentally sustainable way to control pests.

  • How to order

    TerraLink orders beneficials every Tuesday morning for delivery the following week. Order cut-off time is 4:30 pm Monday. Fly parasite orders are placed every other Thursday for delivery the following Wednesday. Email your order to the TerraLink Order Desk or call 1-800-661-4559.