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Bumblebee Quad

SKU: TL6600001
  • Bumblebees are one of Canada's primary native pollinators so better adapted to Canadian pollination conditions than honeybees which are not native to North America.
  • Bumblebee's thick body hair and larger size gives them better insulation, allowing them to pollinate in colder, wetter weather conditions than honeybees. This translates to more time per day and more days per season spent foraging.
  • Bumblebees have limited hive food reserves compared to honeybees, forcing them to forage in conditions where honeybees will stay in their hives to preserve energy.

Stop worrying about bad weather and pollinator availability and start maximizing your pollination. 

Please note: Bublebees are living creatures. They are available through prebooking only. Talk to your sales representative for more information. 


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