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Affinity 0-0-2.5

SKU: BF01892036

EarthLink Affinity 0-0-2.5 is a specialty blend of premium Acadian® seaweed (kelp) and liquid organic carbon (humic and fulvic acids). In addition, it also contains Yucca which helps the fertilizer disperse more evenly in the root zone. Affinity is a rich source of organic matter (OM) meant to increase cation exchange capacity, enhance nutrient uptake, and help release tied up nutrients in soil. Affinity can be used throughout growing season.



  • About EarthLink

    EarthLink brand offers organic-based fertilizers in liquid or granular blends. We develop, manufacture and market our specialized products by adding more natural and organic-based ingredients to feed not only the plant but also to support the soil.

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  • Ingredient Highlight

    Acadian® kelp improves root initiation, elongation, and branching, which leads to improved plant establishment and facilitates greater uptake of water and nutrients.