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Pace Solutions

UpTake Pro

SKU: 3588110

UpTake PRO is a unique DDAC quaternary ammonium formulation and new class of surfactant for the greenhouse, indoor growing, nursery, farm, vineyard, orchard, and turf markets. The triple-action of UpTake PRO as a penetrant, spreader sticker, and wetting agent,enhances the performance of water when applied to soils or the foliage/bloom* of crops.

Applied through spray, sub or overhead irrigation systems, UpTake PRO can be safely used on crops like tomatoes, leafy greens, hemp, berries, flowers, shrubs and trees. When mixed together in a solution, it improves the performance of some companion products such as fertilizers.


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  • About Pace Solutions

    Pace Solutions is western Canada’s largest water treatment company. Their products are designed to work in concert with each other, to effectively and efficiently improve overall plant health.

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    Regulations prohibit sale of pest control products outside Canada. For more information about pest control product regulations within Canada, please refer to this summary.