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Actinovate AG

SKU: TL01000451

Actinovate® AG is a biological fungicide/bactericide that suppresses a broad range of diseases across multiple crop groups.


For the suppression of Botrytis fruit rot/grey mould and powdery mildew on field and greenhouse strawberry, powdery mildew on field and greenhouse Gerber Daisy, powdery mildew  on field and greenhouse pepper, powdery mildew on field and greenhouse cucurbit vegetables (Crop Group 9), powdery mildew on field and greenhouse tomato, powdery mildew on grape, seed rot, pre-emergence damping-off, post-emergence damping-off and root rot caused by Pythium spp. on greenhouse cucumbers, greenhouse lettuce, greenhouse fruiting vegetables, and partial suppression of mummyberry on high and lowbush blueberry. May reduce symptoms of anthracnose fruit rot on strawberry. Also offers suppression of the following diseases on the listed greenhouse grown ornamentals: Fusarium wilt on cyclamen, Pythium root rot on petunia, Rhizoctonia root and crown rot on geranium and powdery mildew on verbena.

For a full list of crops and application directions, refer to the product label. Always read and follow label directions.

Active Ingredient

Streptomyces lydicus strain WYEC 108


PCPA # 34041


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