A New Micronutrient Technology

A New Micronutrient Technology

Micronutrients including B (Boron) and Zn (Zinc) are required by plants in very tiny amounts. In past years micronutrient ingredients have been added as independent particles separate from macronutrients. When the fertilizer blend gets applied, naturally the best that could be expected was for particles of boron and zinc to be distributed infrequently, albeit consistently, along the rows. The vast majority of most fertilizers were typically made up of particles of the major nutrients – nitrogen, phosphorus and potash.

TerraLink now has the ability to supply fertilizer that contains homogenous micronutrients. We can apply B, Zn and other micronutrients directly onto the granules of N, P and K in the fertilizer blend, using Yara’s Procote micronutrient technology. This means several things:

  • First, micronutrients can now be distributed all along the band of application, because there are micronutrients attached consistently to every granule of every macronutrient fertilizer prill.
  • Micronutrients are now much more available to the roots of the plants, leading to the opportunity for better, more uniform uptake, yield and quality. This process provides up to 50 times the interception points for root to access micronutrients, compared to the previous method with individual granular micronutrients.
  • Because of the more targeted distribution, less micronutrients are now necessary to add to your blend, due to the increased availability to the crop from more efficient distribution in the root zone.

Although new to BC through TerraLink Horticulture, PROCOTE works through an proven process and is already available worldwide. Contact TerraLink today to order your fertilizer with homogenous micronutrients and take advantage of the new Procote technology.

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