Benefits of the Procote Micronutrient Fertilizer Coating

Benefits of the Procote Micronutrient Fertilizer Coating

Procote has you covered

Crops require micronutrients in small quantities. Minor variations in blending and spreading accuracy, combined with variations in granule size and density, reduce the grower's ability to spread micronutrients evenly and accurately to the growing crop. Micronutrient coating ensures even micronutrient supply with each single fertilizer granule.

Many TerraLink granular fertilizer blends contain Yara's PROCOTE™ - a proprietary micronutrient fertilizer coating that leverages the granular fertilizer to evenly and efficiently distribute essential micronutrients to growing crops. With PROCOTE a granular (dry) fertilizer program becomes an efficient platform to deliver complete nutrition without complexity. In TerraLink's Procote blends we use boron, copper, manganese, or zinc, or a combination of nutrients.

Consistent Return on Investment Across All Crops

Growing the best possible crop requires micronutrients. Across all regions and all crops, applying Procote covered fertilizer has consistently resulted in higher yields and even better return on investment.

Increased Feeding Sites and Better Nutrient Accessibility

Thanks to Procote's consistent and even distribution through the coating technology, crops have an increase in feeding sites and nutrient accessibility. With the increase in uptake efficiency, the micronutrients are only needed in grams/ac.

Improved Operations and Fertilizer Handling

Procote decreases granular fertilizer dust by over 99%. Other micronutrient coating technologies rely on micronutrient powders which can result in significant micronutrient loss due to dust off and segregation. Procote micronutrient fertilizer products offer superior solution using the proprietary suspension technology, eliminating loss and dust, while improving handling.

Promote Water Use Efficiency

Micronutrients provided by PROCOTE aid in the early development of root systems which improves the roots' ability to explore for nutrients and water. Accessing more water and root activity at further depths are providing yield advantages, enabling crops to persevere through adverse weather conditions.

Yara's Procote technology is available in many TerraLink fertilizer blends. Ask your sales representative about more information on the products and the technology.

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