Summer to Fall Fertilizers

Summer to Fall Fertilizers

For landscapes needing a bit more fertilizer from mid Summer into Fall, you want to reduce the amount of nitrogen and increase potassium. Excess nitrogen too late in the season prevents your plants from hardening off properly in the fall and can lead to plant losses or damage from cold injury. Here are some recommended later summer / fall fertilizers for landscape plants and turf grass.

Do not use landscape fertilizers in containers as the nutrients may release too fast due to the heat of the pots. High fertilizer concentrations may injure or kill your container plants.

RichGROW Hi-K Fall Blend 15-5-30 +2.4S (65% UFLEXX)
RichGROW 15-5-32 + 4.9S (70% MU) Winterizer

High potassium, controlled release fertilizers designed for use on golf course fairways and sports fields or lawns throughout late summer and fall months. Stabilized urea minimizes urea volatilization and nitrate leaching, leaving more available nitrogen for uptake. Use of controlled release nitrogen via UFLEXX results in minimal surge growth and prolonged colour response for up to 10 weeks, MU Methylene urea releases over 14-16 weeks. High potassium level assists in summer heat tolerance, winter cold tolerance plus disease resistance. Late applications aid in carbohydrate production and storage, resulting in stronger spring regrowth.

RichGROW 12-2-24 +8.8S +1Mg +1Fe 60% MU (methylene urea) Micro Prill Homogenous

RICHGROW 12-2-24 is a premium quality micro-sized homogenous fertilizer designed for even application to turfgrass. It is designed to be used on golf course greens, tees and surrounds. This fertilizer contains 60% controlled release nitrogen from Methylene Urea Technology. Typical turf response is up to 12 weeks depending on soil, climate and application rate conditions. RICHGROW 12-2-24 also contains Sulphur, Magnesium and Iron to make this a more complete nutrient package. Typically used during summer and fall months to provide steady nitrogen release and high potassium for heat / cold tolerance and disease resistance.

RichGROW 23-3-23 +3S +0.14Fe +micros (60%MU) Summer Balanced

A balanced 1:1 N & K fertilizer with controlled release nitrogen designed for use on golf course fairways and sports fields. Contains 60% controlled release nitrogen from Methylene 75 (methylene urea). Methylene 75 gradually releases nitrogen to turfgrass up to 14-16 weeks. Contains a full complement of micronutrients responsible for photosynthesis, protein synthesis and overall plant growth. A full analysis fertilizer that can be used from late spring through to fall.

EarthLink Enhanced Hi-Phos 5-20-14 

The organic-based EarthLink Enhanced Hi-Phos granular fertilizer was formulated to combat soil degradation. Every EarthLink Enhanced blend contains over 20% organic matter by weight, so for every 25 kg bag you apply, you add over 5 kg of highly valuable organic matter back to your soil.

There are many other fertilizer options available. Browse our website based on your needs, or contact the TerraLink Order Desk

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