The Benefits of Stella Maris in Berries

The Benefits of Stella Maris in Berries

Stella Maris Marine Plant Extract is sustainably hand-harvested Ascophyllum nodosumseaweed from the intertidal shores of Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy. Evolved in the freezing but nutrient rich water, it contains very unique, bioactive components that when applied to plants allow for higher quality crops. Popular around the world for use in horticultural crops, research has demonstrated a full range of benefits. For maximum effect, follow a complete application program.

What are the main benefits of using Stella Maris in small fruit crops?

  • Improves all aspects of plant growth and development (size, quality, etc).
  • Increases shelf life of harvested produce.
  • Enhances resistance to stresses brought on by heat and drought.
  • Increases Brix.

All of these have been scientifically proven by not only Stella Maris, but scientists working at universities and government as well.

In one trial in raspberries, applications of Stella Maris resulted in improved growth of new canes. In this trial, the number of new canes reaching the upper wires in eight weeks were 66% greater than untreated canes (North Carolina, 2012).

Sellers of competing kelps may point out that there is no nutrient analysis on the Stella Maris label. This is because Stella Maris is the only marine plant extract in all of Canada to have an actual CFIA registration as is – a sea plant extract. Stella Maris is registered for its own benefits. It doesn’t need to masquerade as a fertilizer. The bottom line? Don’t be fooled, and don’t be talked into an imitation! Ask for the real thing: STELLA MARIS.

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