2023 BCGSA Professional Development Days

2023 BCGSA Professional Development Days

From December 6th to 8th, TerraLink Horticulture Inc. sponsored and participated in the highly anticipated 2023 BCGSA (British Columbia Golf Superintendents Association) Professional Development Days. This event served as an exceptional platform for TerraLink to connect with potential customers, learn about new products and groundbreaking innovations, and demonstrate unwavering support for the industry.

TerraLink's participation was driven not only by the desire to exhibit products,  but to forge meaningful relationships within the golf course management sector. With a dedicated booth showcasing an impressive array of cutting-edge solutions, the TerraLink team aimed to offer insights into the latest advancements in horticulture and sustainable turf management.

The team's primary focus was on engaging with attendees, learning about their needs and challenges, and spotlighting innovative products and methodologies tailored to enhance turf health, sustainability, and overall course aesthetics. Visitors were introduced to TerraLink's suite of high-quality fertilizers, soil amendments, and eco-friendly turf management solutions designed to optimize course conditions while minimizing environmental impact.

Beyond product showcasing, TerraLink's active participation in seminars, workshops, and networking sessions underscored their commitment to industry education and knowledge sharing. The team eagerly participated in discussions on emerging trends, best practices in turf management, and the role of sustainable solutions in elevating course maintenance standards.

Moreover, the team took the opportunity to express solidarity with industry professionals, acknowledging the challenges they face and emphasizing TerraLink's unwavering support in overcoming them.

By the event's conclusion, TerraLink had successfully forged new connections, gained valuable insights into evolving industry needs, and reinforced their position as a trusted partner committed to elevating turf management practices sustainably.

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