Help For Flood Affected Farmers

Help For Flood Affected Farmers

TerraLink is supporting the flood-affected farm community on Sumas Prairie and other areas during the initial clean up and restoration stage, and we are doing what we can to help.

Here is what we have organized so far:

  1. TerraLink donated $ 35,000 to the BC Agricultural Council. This donation will be used to support the farm families and livestock affected by the recent weather-related disaster. For more information, or to make your own donation, please visit
  2. Transportation support for flood affected farmers and related recreation industry customers: During the post flood clean-up period, TerraLink has two transportation units (truck, trailer and driver) available to help flood-affected businesses deal with clean-up logistics.
  3. Collection of On-Farm Damaged Pesticides and Livestock Medications Affected By Flooding:
    TerraLink is working with Cleanfarms, the same organization that conducts the triennial “Unwanted Pesticide Collection Program” across Canada, to organize a special collection of flood damaged, unwanted pesticides and livestock medications for flood victims. 
  4. Personal Protection Equipment: With support from our suppliers, we are currently offering discounted prices on PPE that cleanup crews in the affected areas will need. These are items such as spray suits, half masks and cartridges, spray goggles, chem resistant gloves and backpack sprayers.
  5. Other help: We are currently working with various financial institutions, suppliers, and branches of government to find out how to best help flood affected farms and businesses. 

We are working hard to support our customer through this hard time. If you are a flood affected farmer, please reach out to us at

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