TerraLink at the Pacific Agriculture Show 2024

TerraLink at the Pacific Agriculture Show 2024

The 2024 Pacific Agriculture Show at the TRADEX in Abbotsford provided an ideal platform for farmers, growers, and industry experts to come together, fostering meaningful discussions, and sharing insights into cutting-edge products and best farming practices.

One of the highlights of the show was the multitude of familiar faces that graced the TerraLink booth. Long-standing relationships were reaffirmed, and it was heartening to see the continued support from the agricultural community. Equally exciting was the opportunity to forge new connections, expanding TerraLink's network within the professional farming and growing community.

The booth became a hub for engaging discussions about the evolving landscape of farming practices. Experts from TerraLink and their partners shared valuable insights into the latest trends, addressing challenges faced by growers, and presenting solutions that align with the industry's changing dynamics. The exchange of ideas and knowledge proved to be invaluable, contributing to the collective growth of the agricultural sector.

The Lower Mainland Horticultural Conference, which is held during the Pacific Agriculture Show, offered an important opportunity for growers and TerraLink team members alike to learn more about best management practices and new products and developments in the horticultural sector. The Conference featured two of our team members on the panel (Rachel Hagel and Mike Hanna), and TerraLink continues to be a proud sponsor of the event.

As the agricultural landscape continues to evolve, events like these play a crucial role in fostering collaboration and driving the industry forward. TerraLink looks forward to future opportunities to engage with the farming community, contributing to a sustainable and thriving future for agriculture.

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