TerraLink supports the 2023 Drive Away Hunger Campaign

TerraLink supports the 2023 Drive Away Hunger Campaign

Like we did last year, as part of the Drive Away Hunger campaign, TerraLink is donating $ 30,000 to food banks in Abbotsford, Delta, Chilliwack, Kelowna and Airdrie.

With nearly 20 per cent of Canadians getting their food from charitable organizations, the need is greater than ever, including in the communities where TerraLink is operating. We are pleased to be able to join this nation-wide effort to provide food to the people who need it the most.  And with donations matched by FCC for up to 1 million dollars, our contribution will even go further.

Each year, the Canadian agriculture and food industry positively impacts food security by generating money and food products through Drive Away Hunger. By sharing knowledge, resources and connections, the reach of donations and reduction in food waste means a huge benefit for all Canadians. Drive Away Hunger proves we are stronger when we pull together.  

To find out more about Drive Away Hunger and the many ways you can be a part of giving back to your community through this impactful campaign, visit driveawayhunger.ca

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