TerraLink's 2nd Annual Forage Day

TerraLink's 2nd Annual Forage Day

Reflecting on a Day of Innovation, Education, and Future Planning

On November 7, 2023, TerraLink hosted their 2nd annual Forage Day. While it marked the second Forage Day of the year, this event is set to become a cherished annual tradition, bringing together Fraser Valley dairy farmers, TerraLink staff, and esteemed guest speakers. With nearly 60 people in attendance, the meeting room at the Clarion was abuzz with excitement.

The day commenced with an enlightening presentation by TerraLink's own Stan Loewen, who shared invaluable insights on the importance of sustainable agriculture in adapting to a better future. With a strong emphasis on responsible farming practices, Stan highlighted the various ways in which dairy farmers can contribute to a greener and more sustainable industry.

Leah Riley, TerraLink's dedicated seed specialist and department head, took the stage next to provide attendees with an update on Richardson Seed, TerraLink's own forage seed brand. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Leah emphasized the superior quality and unmatched reliability of TerraLink's seed products, solidifying their position as the go-to choice for dairy farmers seeking top-notch forage seeds.

The event continued to captivate the audience as Shawn McGee from Heartnut Grove WWT introduced them to cutting-edge technology in fertigation. This innovative approach seamlessly integrates fertilization and irrigation practices, offering farmers a more efficient and effective method for nourishing their crops. McGee's presentation left attendees eager to explore the possibilities that this exciting technology holds for their own operations.

Following a delectable lunch, Derrick Corbett from Acadian Plant Health took the stage to shed light on the exceptional benefits of applications of Ascophyllum nodosum for corn and forage crops. By harnessing the power of this natural seaweed extract, farmers can improve their crops' resistance to abiotic stresses like heat, drought and cold, and boost rooting and uptake of nutrients. 

Gerad Beaven, a TerraLink sales representative, delved into Yara's Amidas coated fertilizer, explaining how this advanced product can positively impact crop growth. Furthermore, Dan Malamura, also a TerraLink sales team member, presented valuable insights on sap testing and how it compares to traditional soil and tissue tests. These presentations highlighted the importance of staying updated on the latest advancements in farming techniques.

Duncan Reid, TerraLink's esteemed dairy and forage specialist, wrapped up the meeting by introducing TerraLink's eagerly awaited Winterfill Bundle Program. This initiative enables dairy farmers to make significant savings by combining and booking products earlier in the season, offering them ways to save money on fertilizer.

To add a delightful touch to the event, all attendees were entered into a draw for some amazing prizes. The lucky winners left with great give-aways, capping off a day filled with informative presentations and valuable networking opportunities.

TerraLink's 2nd annual Forage Day was an outstanding success, uniting dairy farmers, experts, and industry insiders in the quest for sustainable agriculture. The event provided a platform for knowledge-sharing, innovation, and community-building, underscoring TerraLink's commitment to a brighter and greener future for agriculture in the Fraser Valley. As the Forage Day tradition takes root, it promises to remain a cornerstone of progress and collaboration for years to come.

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