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0-0-6 Greens Grade ("Sodium Buster")

SKU: TL03061910

0-0-6 is a micro-sized (90 SGN) single-nutrient, premium fertilizer designed for use on closely mowed turf grass such as golf course greens and tees. Its small particle size provides even distribution of nutrients. 0-0-6 (also called Sodium Buster) contains calcium, magnesium and potassium sources which when applied increase levels of vital nutrients which are important for overall cell structure and chlorophyll production. When applied these cations essentially remove unwanted sodium (Na) which can build up in soils from irrigation water. The atomic weights of Ca, Mg and K are higher than Na. Essentially these beneficial nutrients remove sodium from the cation exchange sites (CEC) in soils. Can be used in conjunction with soil penetrants which help move unwanted Na through the soil profile.

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