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10-2-6 Organic Based Greens Grade

SKU: TL03061805
The RichGROW 10-2-6 premium micro-sized (90 SGN) homogenous fertilizer enriched with slow-release nitrogen is a game-changer for closely mowed turf grass, specifically designed for golf course greens and tees. With its fine particle size and uniform composition, this fertilizer ensures an even distribution of essential nutrients. It serves as a reliable source of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium throughout the growing season, supplemented by elevated levels of manganese and iron for optimal turf health.

Containing 50% controlled release nitrogen sourced from methylene urea(s) and organic components, it minimizes sudden growth spurts and extends the green-up response. This controlled release formula also mitigates nitrogen loss to the atmosphere, reducing volatilization and nitrate leaching into groundwater.

Notably, the inclusion of organic matter (30%) and humic acids (15%) supports the establishment of beneficial bacteria and fungi, facilitating natural nutrient chelation. Additionally, the 4% manganese content bolsters plant disease resistance.

Experience superior turf performance and sustained nutrient availability throughout the season with our 10-2-6 fertilizer—a key ally for maintaining vibrant and healthy golf course greens and tees.


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  • About RichGROW

    RichGROW is a TerraLink brand for professional growers. The highly specialized blends sold under the RichGROW brand have been designed for the most demanding applications and are a favourite of professional growers in turf and greenhouse applications.

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