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Solutions 15-0-20 No-Stretch

SKU: TL03016100

Plant-Prod Solutions 15-0-20 No-Stretch raises the benchmark for quality to a new level. This unique Plant-Prod Solutions formulation is designed to be used towards the end of the crop cycle, after the more vegetative growth has been established. No-Stretch is a great performer for times when professional growers want to harden up plant structure and prevent leggy growth in general. The engineered composition in No-Stretch maintains compact, sturdy growth by limiting ammoniacal nitrogen, builds a firmer cell wall by increasing potassium levels, and keeps internodes short by eliminating phosphorus.

  • High Nitrate, No Urea
  • Most highly available micronutrient package on the market today (Micro Plus Enrichment)
  • High Potassium content
  • EDDHA, DTPA and EDTA chelating agentsfor improved availability of iron and other micronutrients
  • No phosphorus


  • Increased quality, sturdier growth, less shipping damage
  • No need to supplement with micros
  • Stays fresher longer on the store shelf
  • Availability of micronutrients over a wide pH range
  • Reduced plant stretch


The following conditions indicate the need for Plant-Prod Solutions No-Stretch:

  • Plant growth too vegetative – shipping and store display problems
  • Currently supplemented with iron or other micronutrients
  • Can’t limit phosphorous enough in your current formula


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      Plant-Prod is the trading name of Master Plant-Prod Inc. with headquarters in Greater Toronto, Canada.
      The company has been in business since 1945 manufacturing high quality soluble fertilizers for growers of high value crops, including the horticultural industry, greenhouse vegetables and other growers with demanding requirements. Plant-Prod's mission is to provide best in the world soluble plant nutrition.

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