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39-0-0 Greens Grade

SKU: TL07110163
The RichGROW 39-0-0 micro-sized (90 SGN) single-nutrient fertilizer is a premium-grade solution made from 100% methylene urea(s). Designed for closely mowed turf grass, particularly on golf course greens and tees, this fertilizer stands out with its ultra-small particle size, ensuring an even distribution of nutrients.

Widely recognized as one of the most commonly used Controlled Release Nitrogen (CRN) sources for professionally managed turf, 39-0-0 relies on the proven trio of temperature, moisture, and microbial activity to become plant-available. This dynamic interaction ensures a safe and gradual release of Nitrogen throughout the growing season, eliminating the risk of over-releasing or 'spiking' at any one point.

Primarily employed in northern climates during the summer and fall/winter months, 39-0-0 is a strategic choice for building carbohydrate reserves, nurturing robust spring growth in the following season. Distinguished by longer methylene urea molecules than its 'sister' product 40-0-0, this variant offers a slower release, making it ideal for hotter climates.

Experience the versatility of 39-0-0 as a nitrogen base, complementing organic matter in 100% sand-based growing conditions. Elevate your turf management with the precision and reliability of this premium single-nutrient fertilizer – the go-to choice for lush and resilient turf.


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  • About RichGROW

    RichGROW is a TerraLink brand for professional growers. The highly specialized blends sold under the RichGROW brand have been designed for the most demanding applications and are a favourite of professional growers in turf and greenhouse applications.

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