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SKU: TL01002095

Ascernity® fungicide is the only turf product that combines the advanced SDHI technology of Solatenol® with difenoconazole, a proven DMI chemistry. This highly effective combo helps you control several key in-season diseases, including anthracnose, dollar spot and Microdochium.

Dual modes of action give you a broad disease spectrum with low resistance risk. This makes Ascernity® ideal for time periods when multiple diseases are attacking your turf.

A custom ratio of active ingredients lets you target key diseases throughout the golf season, providing a strong defense in both pre- and post-infection timing.

Ascernity® is also an excellent rotational partner to your existing fungicide program.


    For use on: Golf course turf.

    For Control Of: Anthracnose, Microdochium patch, Red thread, Brown Patch, Dollar Spot

    For a full list of crops and application directions, refer to the product label. Always read and follow label directions.

    Active Ingredient

    benzovindiflupyr, difenoconazole


    Group  7 | 3  Fungicide

    PCP # 31527


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