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General Purpose 2-2-0

SKU: BF01892394

BioFert General Purpose 2-2-0 is an organic and natural fertilizer formulated for all indoor and outdoor plants including fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, etc. Its unique formulation promotes optimum plant growth and production. It improves soil structure & microbial activity and helps promote overall plant growth.

Suitable for use in organic farming according to the Canadian Organic Standard - Inspected by EcoCert Canada.



  • About BioFert

    BioFert is TerraLink’s organic brand. BioFert products are manufactured locally in TerraLink’s organically certified manufacturing plant. If you are an organic grower, or if you are looking to add more natural products to your growing routine, look no further than BioFert.

  • Ingredient Highlight

    Potassium is a key nutrient of commercial fertilizers. It helps strengthen plants' abilities to resist disease and plays an important role in increasing crop yields and overall quality.