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Lawn Food 8-2-3

SKU: BF07606913

BioFert Lawn Food 8-2-3 is an organic granular fertilizer for all types of lawns. It contains both quick and slow-release nutrients for balanced continuous feeding. Helps provide long-lasting greening. Helps stimulate microbial activity in soil. Non-leaching, with minimal nutrient losses.

OMRI listed product.

  • About BioFert

    BioFert is TerraLink’s organic brand. BioFert products are manufactured locally in TerraLink’s organically certified manufacturing plant. If you are an organic grower, or if you are looking to add more natural products to your growing routine, look no further than BioFert.

  • Ingredient Highlight

    Slow-release nitrogen has a lower risk of burning the turf, provides a more and even sustained grass growth (less mowing) and less leaching into ground and water.