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Bio SF

SKU: TL06606740

The larval stage of the codling moth (Cydia pomonella), cutworm (Agrotis spp.), leatherjacket (Tipula oleraceaa), apple clearwing moth (Synantheon myopaeformisi), oriental fruit moth (Grapholita molesta), plum fruit moth (Grapholita funebrana), and oak processionary moth (Thaumetopoea processioinea) are controlled using the Steinernema feltiae nematode. The nematodes carry symbiotic bacteria, which is harmless to humans, and once they enter their host the bacteria quickly kill the insect allowing the nematodes to feed and reproduce in their new habitat. It only takes 2-3 nematodes to kill the host, the insect dies within three days, and 2-3 weeks later up to 300,000 new nematodes may emerge from one infested host.

(TL06605851, TL06605852)


Thrips, fungus gnat, caterpillars/moths, beetles, leafminers, leatherjackets



  • About Biologicals

    Terralink offers a wide variety of biological pest controls. We purchase biological control agents produced by some of the largest, most respected and innovative insectaries world-wide.

  • Why Use Biologicals?

    One of the primary benefits of using beneficial insect release is that the process avoids chemical pest control methods such as pesticides. While pesticides are effective at controlling and eliminating pests, some plants and beneficial insects like bees can be affected negatively. Beneficial insects are a natural, organic, and environmentally sustainable way to control pests.

  • How to order

    TerraLink orders beneficials every Tuesday morning for delivery the following week. Order cut-off time is 4:30 pm Monday. Fly parasite orders are placed every other Thursday for delivery the following Wednesday. Email your order to the TerraLink Order Desk or call 1-800-661-4559.