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Green Valley

Boost 1-1-1 with Moss Control

SKU: TL07264303

Boost Lawn Fertilizer 1-1-1 and Moss Control with 9.8% ferrous sulphate. A combination lawn fertilizer that controls moss and feeds turf in one application. This product should be used as a part of a complete lawn feeding program. One bag covers up to 2,200 sq.ft.



For immediate control of moss water lawn thoroughly.
Spread this product at a rate of 1 kg per 10m2 (2 lbs. per 100 sq.ft). Apply using a drop (gravity) spreader.
Water immediately after application to wash off grass blades; then with-hold watering for 48 hours.
Repeat treatments may be required if the condition causing moss growth is not corrected. 


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