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Plant Science Lab

Carbon to Nitrogen Ratio Test (C:N)

SKU: 57200
Availability of nitrogen depends to some degree on the ratio of carbon to nitrogen in your soil. Microbes whose business it is to decompose organic material use lots of nitrogen in that process. As a result, more nitrogen must be applied to feed the plants so they don't become nitrogen-starved. When the C:N ratio is 15:1 or less, the soil will typically be balanced, and about 10-25 lbs N/acre will typically be released for every 1% organic matter. When the C:N ratio is between 15:1 and 30:1, immobilization will balanced mineralization. When the C:N ratio is greater than 30:1, microbes will be consuming a lot of N, and more nitrogen fertilizer will be necessary. The Carbon to Nitrogen Ratio Test will help you determine that value.
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