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Richardson Seed

GP Microclover® Tall Fescue Blend

SKU: TL02101200

GardenPRO Microclover® and Turf-Type Tall Fescue combined can thrive under low input conditions, requiring less watering than the average lawn. This blend competes well with weeds,  persists through periods of drought better than a traditional lawn, and exhibits improved resistance against disease. The Microclover ® Tall Fescue Blend contains 5% Microclover® and 95% Turf Type Tall Fescue.

Please note: To maintain the “micro” characteristics of micro clover, it’s important to mow it on a regular basis. Left unmown, it will grow as typical white clover with increasing lead size and longer stems.


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    GardenPRO® is TerraLink’s original brand for home & garden products. GardenPRO® seed products are blended locally in TerraLink’s 100% Canadian owned seed processing plant. They have been tailor-made to satisfy the high demands of even the most discerning homeowners and garden enthusiasts.

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