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Hi-Cal 6-0-2 +14% Ca

SKU: BF01891846

EarthLink Hi-Cal a proprietary liquid fertilizer with 14% calcium and quick-acting nitrogen, as well as amino acids and potassium. Calcium helps plants from cell division to ripening, for a better fruit set and fruit firmness. Amino acids are a biostimulant that plays an important part in improving fruit quality and growth. The potassium contained in Hi-Cal aids in the movement of water, nutrients and carbohydrates in plant tissue, and ultimately in the regulation of the rate of photosynthesis.

Application of Hi-Cal offers a higher return on investment by improving fruit and ultimately prolonging shelf life. 


Tech Sheet

  • About EarthLink

    EarthLink brand offers organic-based fertilizers in liquid or granular blends. We develop, manufacture and market our specialized products by adding more natural and organic-based ingredients to feed not only the plant but also to support the soil.

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  • Ingredient Highlight

    Calcium is essential for the formation of roots, stems and new growth in plants. The nutrient forms calcium pectate, which plants use to construct cell walls and membranes. Consequently, calcium helps provide plants' rigidity.