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Black Earth

Humalite AG4

SKU: BF03062035

Humalite AG 4 is an organic, coarse-grade humic granule, containing 64% humic acid (HPTA method). The large, coarse granule size allows for easy handling which enables top conditioning performance in a wide range of conditions and soil types, independent of application method. The large granule size allows for the slow release of nutrients into the soil and is the most cost-effective for high-rate applications.

Humalite AG 4 is ideal for broadcast or in-furrow application. Humalite AG 4 enables users to apply material directly to the soil or mix with a substrate. Humalite AG 4 has excellent blending capabilities when mixed with MAP, ammonium sulfate and KCL based fertilizers.


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    Backed by science, Black Earth's sustainable humalite products improve soil health, create stronger plants and increase crop yields.

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