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Lalstim Osmo

SKU: TL03582895

Naturally occurring osmoprotectant. Protects plant cells against negative effects of environmental stresses.

LALSTIM OSMO is a highly soluble product containing 97% natural Glycine Betaine, a persistent and powerful osmoprotectant that is absorbed rapidly and moved throughout the plant within 24 hours, remaining active at the cellular level for 2 to 4 weeks. It facilitates water uptake and retention by acting as an osmoprotectant and adjusts the osmotic balance inside plant cells and tissues exposed to hyperosmotic stress. It enhances photosynthesis, nitrogen metabolism, and translocation during environmental stresses such as heat, cold, drought, and salinity. (10/case)


    For use on trees, seedlings, ornamentals, leafy and fruiting vegetables, berries, hemp, cannabis, potatoes, root crops, grapes, and tree fruit, herbs, turfgrass, small fruit, hops, tubers, bulbs and field crops.

    For a full list of crops and application directions, refer to the product label. Always read and follow label directions.

    Active Ingredient

    Glycine betaine


    Ecocert approved


    Label   |   SDS   |   Data Sheet

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