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Max Tapener Tape Gun HT-R2

SKU: TL08414291
An incredible tool for tying up new leaders, young trees to training stake/bamboo, tomatoes, cannabis... does what takes typically minutes in seconds!  With the Max Tapener loaded with tie tape and staples, one squeeze of the handle stretches the tape between the jaws. It is ready to wrap around the intended plant media. A second squeeze automatically staples the tape and cuts it off neatly. A well-secured, tie has been made.
  • "Scrap Free" mechanism prevents making tape-scraps during work.
  • Designed for large rolls of tie-tape
  • Weighs only 420 g
  • 50% less clinching force
  • More durable bearing (roller)
  • The grower's choice since 1968
  • Load capacity of 172 staples 604E-L