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Mushroom Compost

SKU: TL03900031

GardenPRO® Mushroom Compost is a high-quality, all natural fertilizer and soil conditioner. We make it by blending and composting animal manures. It contains the nutrients, minerals and humus essentials for plants to grow the all-natural way. All of its nutrients are derived from the compost. We add no chemical fertilizers.

GardenPRO® Mushroom Compost is a high-grade multi-purpose soil amendment. It improves pH, fortifies with organic nutrients and adds organic matter. In addition, its dark rich humus improves the structure of the soil. Added to clay soils, it loosens, aerates and improves drainage. Added to sandy soils, it increases organic matter content, and improves water and nutrient retention. For best results supplement the nutrients of this blend with our GardenPRO® Fertilizer line.


Wear gardening gloves when using all planting materials. Apply one inch or less of compost. Rake or incorporate into existing soil. Do not plant directly into compost. 


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