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Nitrabor 15.4-0-0 Field Grade

SKU: TL03000510

Nitrabor is a field grade calcium nitrate fertilizer with added boron suitable for field application to all crops, especially brassicas, which are more prone to calcium and boron deficiency. It is a dense granular fertilizer that spreads accurately when placed by hand or by machine (up to 24 meters), consistent of a free flowing material with a unique coating for dry applied uses. Its hygroscopic nature means that it readily dissolves when in contact with the soil in humid conditions or a night dew. 
This formulation offers low risk of scorch and is often used as a final topdressing to a wide range of high value crops that have a requirement for extra boron and where soils are low in boron.

  • About Yara

    Built on the heritage from Norsk Hydro and the well-known Viking Ship brand, Yara is a Norwegian based company converting energy, natural minerals and nitrogen into crop nutrition products and industrial solutions. Today Yara retains its global position as a leading provider of nitrogen based mineral fertilizers and industrial products. The company is the global leader in ammonia, nitrates and specialty fertilizers.

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