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Pipe Paint

SKU: TL03581273


PipePaint makes heating pipes highly reflective. This ensures that the maximum amount of light reaches the crop. The coating also protects the pipes from corrosion. Good coverage, short drying time.

  • Prevents premature corrosion of the heating pipes
  • 10% more heat radiation resulting in considerable energy savings
  • Reflects light so that it reaches the crop
  • Very wear-resistant in greenhouse conditions

PipePaint is a water-based paint with three functions. The first function provides protection from rust. Secondly, the paint improves the reflection of light on the heating pipes by up to 50%. The third function is an improvement of the heat transfer by as much as 10%.

Because PipePaint is water-soluble, there is no need to be concerned about fumes that could harm the crop or people. For all crops, painting during cultivation can be done without harming the crop.

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