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Pounce 384 EC

SKU: TL01200010

Pounce 384EC insecticide brings outstanding performance. This product controls a variety of major pests in canola, cereals (barley, wheat, oats), cole crops (cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts), corn, flax, lentils, peas, potato, sunflower, and sweet corn. Pounce 384EC insecticide provides particularly great value for growers looking for flea beetle control in canola, as well as cutworms in cereals, corn, flax, lentils, peas, and sunflowers. It controls soil insects for a longer period of time versus other pyrethroids thanks to its stability in light. That means less stand reduction and fewer cut plants. Pounce 384EC insecticide also features rate flexibility based on the pest being targeted, with the timing of application depending on insect thresholds.


For the management of: Flea beetles, Cutworms, Cabbage looper, Diamondback moth, Imported cabbage worm, European corn borer, Tarnished plant bug (lygus bug).

For a full list of crops and application directions, refer to the product label. Always read and follow label directions.

Active Ingredient



Group  3  Insecticide

PCP # 16688


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