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Refine SG

SKU: TL01201050
Confidence comes from knowing you're ready for tough growing challenges. With broad-spectrum control of broadleaf weeds, wide application window, and vast number of tank-mix options, Refine SG herbicide can fortify your weed management plan with greater flexibility - bringing you peace of mind.
  • Controls broadleaf weeds, including hemp-nettle, chickweed, narrow-leaved hawksbeard, and flixweed.
  • One of the most broad-spectrum broadleaf herbicides on the market.
  • Wide window of application and excellent crop safety.



Registered for use on wheat (spring, winter or durum), spring barley and oats and seedling and established grass species for forage and seed production only.

For the management of the following weeds: Annual smartweed (green smartweed, lady’s thumb), Ball mustard, Chickweed, Corn spurry, Cow cockle, Flixweed, Groundsel (common) Hemp-nettle, Kochia, Lamb’s-quarters, Narrow-leaved hawk’s beard, Redroot pigweed, Russian thistle, Shepherd’s purse, Stinkweed, Tartary buckwheat, Volunteer rapeseed, Volunteer sunflower, Wild buckwheat, Wild mustard, Canada thistle, Cleavers (1-3 whorls), Round leaved mallow, Scentless chamomile, Sow thistle, Stork’s bill (2-6 leaf), Toadflax.

For a full list of crops and application directions, refer to the product label. Always read and follow label directions.

Active Ingredients

Thifensulfuron methyl, Tribenuron methyl


Group  2  Herbicide

PCP # 28285


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