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18-18-18 FlexiGrow

SKU: TL07128153

RichGROW 18-18-18 FlexiGrow is a top-tier blended fertilizer designed for optimal turf performance. With a standard size of 240 SGN, this premium-grade fertilizer is perfect for golf course fairways/roughs, sports fields, and residential lawns.

Tailored for use during spring to rejuvenate turf after winter, FlexiGrow can be applied throughout the growing season during seeding/sodding situations to foster robust root growth. Versatile in its application, it effectively amends low phosphorus and potassium levels in soils, ensuring a comprehensive solution for your turf's nutritional needs.

Packed with 50% controlled release nitrogen (CRN) sourced from stabilized nitrogen, FlexiGrow minimizes surge growth and extends the green-up response for up to 10 weeks. This advanced formula also mitigates nitrogen loss to the atmosphere through volatilization and nitrate leaching into groundwater.

Ideal for high CEC soils like clay, FlexiGrow stands out as the go-to standard formula for a complete N:P:K fertilizer. Elevate your turf management and witness the difference with FlexiGrow's premium blend, promoting a lush and vibrant landscape throughout the season.


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  • About RichGROW

    RichGROW is a TerraLink brand for professional growers. The highly specialized blends sold under the RichGROW brand have been designed for the most demanding applications and are a favourite of professional growers in turf and greenhouse applications.

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