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18-7-10 Tree & Shrub PC 90% CRN

SKU: TL07127673

RichGROW 18-7-10 Tree & Shrub is a premium ‘full analysis’ controlled release fertilizer suitable for field grown nursery stock. Contains 90% controlled release nitrogen (CRN) from stabilized urea and methylene urea. Stabilized urea contains two unique ingredients that minimize nitrogen volatilization to the atmosphere, plus minimizes nitrogen leaching once incorporated into the soil. By keeping nitrogen in the ammoniacal form for a longer period a slow release effect is created. Contains methylene urea  for additional controlled nitrogen release. The blend of 10% soluble nitrogen (ammoniacal) provides up front nitrogen for immediate plant feeding, followed by 90% CRN which gradually releases up to 10 weeks depending on soil and climate conditions. Suitable for a variety of growing conditions.

18-7-10 also contains additional magnesium andiron which are critical for photosynthesis. Plus, a compliment of micronutrients from Procote. Procote is a unique combination of  liquid micronutrients that evenly coats all prills in the blend, providing even distribution of nutrients.


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  • About RichGROW

    RichGROW is a TerraLink brand for professional growers. The highly specialized blends sold under the RichGROW brand have been designed for the most demanding applications and are a favourite of professional growers in turf and greenhouse applications.

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