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Pace Solutions

Strip-It Pro

SKU: TL03588130

Strip-It Pro is a unique blend of acids, surfactants and wetting agents which together produce maximum cleaning results with no need for mechanical scrubbing.

Delivered by hydraulic sprayer or foam applicator, it quickly penetrates and removes algae stains, and dissolves mineral build-up from fertilizers, calcium, iron stains, hard water deposits, and greenhouse whitewash coatings without clogging lines or emitters.

Strip-It eliminates an environment for over-wintering pests such as snails, nematodes, fungus gnats, insects, algae, and diseases. It is easy on glass polyethylene and polycarbonate, storage sheds, pots, plug trays, ground cover, shade cloth, benches, cooling pads, irrigation lines, and food-handling equipment. 

Especially useful during crop rotation, Strip-It removes all common soils and, when used to clear irrigation lines, eliminates mineral residues left from fertilizer build-up to improve water flow through the entire irrigation system.


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  • About Pace Solutions

    Pace Solutions is western Canada’s largest water treatment company. Their products are designed to work in concert with each other, to effectively and efficiently improve overall plant health.

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