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Ultrasol K Plus

SKU: TL03006970
Ultrasol® K Plus 13.7-0-46 potassium nitrate is the ideal potassium source for growing outstanding crops with additional nitrate nitrogen for quick absorption by the plant. It’s free from chloride and mixable with all water-soluble sources. This combination makes Ultrasol® K Plus the most all-round and the most efficient water-soluble K source of its kind. 
  • Ultrasol® K Plus is very low in chloride, sodium and heavy metals.
  • It's a free- flowing, fine crystalline powder that quickly dissolves in water.
  • Can be mixed with all water-soluble fertilizers and it`s also compatible with the majority of pesticides in foliar application.
  • Nitrate nitrogen is non-volatile and enhances the uptake of other cations (K+, Ca2+, Mg2+).
  • Due to its low N/K ratio, Ultrasol® K Plus is suitable for all crops and growth stages, including flowering and ripening stages.


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