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Utrisha N

SKU: TL03005710

Utrisha™ N maximizes crop potential - utilizing natural bacteria to capture and
supply nitrogen to plants when they need it most. Utrisha N is a nutrient efficiency biostimulant. The natural bacteria, methylobacterium symbioticum, fixes nitrogen from the air and converts it into a usable form for the plant.

How Utrisha N works

  1. Utrisha N enters the plant through the stomata and colonizes in the leaf cells.
  2. It then converts N2 from the air into ammonium, resulting in a constant supply of nitrogen to the plant.

No plant energy is required for this process.

Enhances Nitrogen Use Efficiency

Utrisha N provides a sustainable, alternative source of nitrogen that reduces dependency of nitrogen uptake from the soil and ensures the plant has access to nitrogen all season long, without the risk of leaching into water tables or releasing additional greenhouse gases.

Utrisha N is Ecocert approved.


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