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SKU: TL01209890

Ventigra™ insecticide controls piercing-sucking insects using mode of action subgroup 9D. The rapid onset of action stops insect feeding and damage, and translaminar movement delivers optimal protection against actively feeding pests.

From commercial greenhouse and nursery ornamental production to landscaping sites —the damage piercing-sucking insects can inflict on plants affects beauty as much as the bottom line. Growers need the most advanced, leading-edge tools to combat resistance while allowing beneficials to thrive. Ventigra insecticide gives you the powerful and precise pest management solution you need to do just that.


      For the management of Green peach aphid, Melon aphid, Rose aphid, Silver leaf whitefly, Sweet potato whitefly.

      Registered for use on Greenhouse and Outdoor Ornamentals* (please view label for exceptions). 

      For a full list of crops and application directions, refer to the product label. Always read and follow label directions.

      Active Ingredient



      Group  9D  Insecticide

      PCP # 33309


      Label   |   SDS   |   Tech Sheet

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