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YaraVita Caltrac

SKU: TL03424330

YaraVita CALTRAC is a highly concentrated flowable formulation which has 2.5 times the calcium content of chloride or nitrate based liquids (23.2% Ca). Concentration coupled with excellent crop safety, allows higher calcium inputs to be made. The fluid formulation makes it easy to measure, pour and mix the product in the spray tank, whilst giving the highest nutrient content.



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  • About Yara

    Built on the heritage from Norsk Hydro and the well-known Viking Ship brand, Yara is a Norwegian based company converting energy, natural minerals and nitrogen into crop nutrition products and industrial solutions. Today Yara retains its global position as a leading provider of nitrogen based mineral fertilizers and industrial products. The company is the global leader in ammonia, nitrates and specialty fertilizers.

  • Ingredient Highlight

    Calcium plays an extremely important role in producing plant tissues and it enables plants to grow better. It is responsible for holding together the cell walls of plants. It is also crucial in activating certain enzymes and to send signals that coordinate certain cellular activities. Calcium is key to normal root system development and increases resistance to outside attack.