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YaraVita Molytrac

SKU: TL03008600

YaraVita MOLYTRAC is an easy to handle, concentrated, liquid formulation. Crop requirements for molybdenum are not high so extremely effective treatment is possible with very low application rates (typically only 0.25 litres per hectare).
The liquid formulation makes it easy to measure, pour and mix the product in the spray tank. The purity of raw materials selected for this product makes it safe for application to the crop and helps ensure that the harvested produce will not be rejected at any point in the supply chain.

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  • About Yara

    Built on the heritage from Norsk Hydro and the well-known Viking Ship brand, Yara is a Norwegian based company converting energy, natural minerals and nitrogen into crop nutrition products and industrial solutions. Today Yara retains its global position as a leading provider of nitrogen based mineral fertilizers and industrial products. The company is the global leader in ammonia, nitrates and specialty fertilizers.

  • Ingredient Highlight

    Plants require a minimum amount of molybdenum to help nitrogen assimilation. It is also important for potassium absorption. Molybdenum uses in other plants increase plant health and growth. In legumes, deficiencies are the most prominent.