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SKU: BF07603123

EarthLink 10-10-20 is a premium blend with 25% stabilized nitrogen and Procote® micros.

Why use EarthLink® fertilizer blends?

Erosion and over-cultivation can degrade our valuable soil faster than it can be created. Loss of organic matter reduces soil productivity. EarthLink organic-based granular fertilizers were formulated to combat soil degradation. Every EarthLink blend contains approximately 20% organic matter by weight, so for every tonne you apply, you add about 200 kg of organic matter back to your soil. Coupled with green manure crops and minimum tillage practices, the use of EarthLink will promote sustainability.


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  • About EarthLink

    EarthLink brand offers organic-based fertilizers in liquid or granular blends. We develop, manufacture and market our specialized products by adding more natural and organic-based ingredients to feed not only the plant but also to support the soil.

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